Pheropsophus lineifrons CHAUDOIR, 1850,

Venugopal, Akhil S. & Thomas, Sabu K., 2019, Bombardier beetles of the genus Pheropsophus Solier 1833 (Carabidae: Brachininae: Brachinini) from Indian subcontinent, Zootaxa 4608 (1), pp. 65-89: 75

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Pheropsophus lineifrons CHAUDOIR, 1850


Pheropsophus lineifrons CHAUDOIR, 1850 

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Pheropsophus lineifrons Chaudoir, 1850: 80  ; 1876: 24; Bates, 1892a: 233; Arrow, 1901: 203; Andrewes, 1930: 273; Jedlička, 1963: 529; Hrdlička, 2017: 480; Ullah et al., 2017: 182 View Cited Treatment .

Specimen examined (n=2): Holotype, labelled “ Ind. Or. Chaud. lineifrons Chaud.  ”, type in ZMHB 

Other specimen examined: 1 ex., “Kutch, Gujarat, India, coll. B.Horne, det S.V.Akhil ” 

Description. Length: 15.0–16.0 mm

Colour. Head and pronotum reddish brown; clypeus, labrum and anterior part of head reddish yellow; forehead with a brownish black patch between anterior impressions; elytra black with humeral spots and median band little darker yellow, reddish brown colour along the suture; apex of antennae and legs pale reddish yellow; first four antennal segments light coloured, segments 5–11 dark brownish coloured; eyes greyish; yellowish red with black spot on apex of the femur.

Head: Smaller, narrower; disc smooth over vertex, rough with wrinkles posteriorly; eyes protruding; antennal segment two very short; labrum convex.

Pronotum: Broad, anterior convexity covering 3/4 th of the disc, contracted posteriorly; scarcely punctuate; median furrow present; surface smooth.

Elytra: Elongated and narrow; subparallel laterally; humerus present but rounded; median band rounded with serrated edges; striations rounded, broad; apical band present but narrow.

Geographical distribution. INDIA: Assam: Tezpur ( Andrewes 1930); Bengal: Darjiling ( Chaudoir 1876); Bihar: Pusa, Chapra ( Andrewes 1930); Uttarpradesh: Allahabad, Mughalsarai ( Andrewes 1930); Uttarakhand: Lachhiwala ( Andrewes 1930); Himachal Pradesh: Simla ( Andrewes 1930); Chota Nagpur plateau ( Andrewes 1930); Gujrat: Kutch (New record); Maharashtra: Nagpur ( Andrewes 1930); BANGLADESH: Dhaka ( Chaudoir 1850); PAKISTAN: Islamabad. Khyber Pashtunkhwa. Punjab ( Ullah et al. 2017).

Remarks. Pheropsophus lineifrons  is morphologically most similar to P. catoirei  , but distinct from it in having a black patch over the anterior part of head, reddish brown elytral suture, more serrated elytral median transverse band, darker legs.














Pheropsophus lineifrons CHAUDOIR, 1850

Venugopal, Akhil S. & Thomas, Sabu K. 2019

Pheropsophus lineifrons

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