Sphaeromicola hamigera Remy, 1946

Williams, Bronwyn W. & Weaver, Patricia G., 2018, A historical review of the taxonomy and classification of Entocytheridae (Crustacea: Ostracoda: Podocopida), Zootaxa 4448 (1), pp. 1-129 : 109

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Sphaeromicola hamigera Remy, 1946


Sphaeromicola hamigera Remy, 1946

1946 Sphaeromicola stammeri Klie var. hamiger n. var. —Remy: 7–9, Figs. 1 View FIGURE 1 –9 (D, H, R, T).

1948a S. hamigera Remy. —Remy: 129 [also as S. hamiger], 132, Fig. 9 (R, T).

1948b Sphaeromicola Stammeri var. hamigera Remy. —Remy: 2, 3, suffix of species name altered without discussion (D, H).

1948c Sphaeromicola hamigera.—Remy: 44, 45, Figs. 4, 1–4, 9 (D, H, U).

1951 Sphaeromicola hamigera Remy. —Remy: 224, 225, 228 (D, H).

1962 Sphaeromicola hamigera Remy. —Hart: 140 (C, D, T).

1964 Sph. hamigera. —Vandel: 303 (C).

1967 Sphaeromicola hamigera Remy. —Illies: 171 (D).

1971 Sphaeromicola hamigera Remy, 1946:7 .—Hobbs Jr.: 45, 53, 54 (D, K).

1974 Sphaeromicola hamigera Remy, 1946.—Hart & Hart: 163, 165–166, 220, 238, Pl. XLIV, Fig. 1 View FIGURE 1 , Pl. LXII (D, H, K, T).

1977b Sphaeromicola hamigera Remy. —Danielopol: 24, 36, Fig. 2 (D, R).

1985 Sph. hamigera Remy. —Danielopol & Hart: 56, 57, 59, 60, 67, Figs. 2, 7 [in part, by implication] (C, D, H).

1989 Sphaeromicola hamigera Remy, 1948.—Meisch, Wouters & Martens: 46, erroneous authority year (C, D, H). 1994 S. hamigera.—Danielopol et al.: 121 (D).

2000 Sphaeromicola hamigera Remy, 1946.—Meisch: 465, 467, 468, 469 Fig. 191 D–J (C, D, H, K, R, T).

2014a Sphaeromicola hamigera Remy, 1946.—Mestre, Monrós & Mesquita-Joanes: 951 (C).

Remarks: Sphaeromicola hamiger was elevated to species by Remy (1948a: 129), but with the original suffix for species name. Paris (1920b: 485) seemed somewhat unsure of his record of S. topsenti on Caecosphaeroma virei from the cave of Baume-les-Messieurs in the Jura Mountains of France, and suggested that additional material was needed to confirm identification; this record was based on examination of a single adult male. Remy (1951: 224–225) noted that S. hamigera was the only species he had recovered from both the host species, C. virei, and the cave Baume-les-Messieurs. As such, Remy believed that Paris’ Jura Mountains record of S. topsenti was almost undoubtedly S. hamigera. This putative corrected identification was recalled in Meisch (2000: 468). Hart & Hart (1974: 165) erroneously list the figure for this species as appearing on Plate XLIII as Fig. 15, when in fact it is Fig. 1 View FIGURE 1 on the Plate XLIV, on the following page.












Sphaeromicola hamigera Remy, 1946

Williams, Bronwyn W. & Weaver, Patricia G. 2018

Sphaeromicola hamigera

Remy, 1946 :7