Attagenus unicolor unicolor (Brahm, 1791), unicolor (Brahm, 1791

Majka, Christopher G., 2007, The Derodontidae, Dermestidae, Bostrichidae, and Anobiidae of the Maritime Provinces of Canada (Coleoptera: Bostrichiformia), Zootaxa 1573 (1), pp. 1-38: 10-11

publication ID 10.11646/zootaxa.1573.1.1

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Attagenus unicolor unicolor (Brahm, 1791)


Attagenus unicolor unicolor (Brahm, 1791)  

NOVA SCOTIA: Halifax Co.: Halifax ,, collector not recorded, (4), NSMC. An introduced Palearctic beetle, newly recorded in   Nova Scotia and in the Maritime Provinces as a whole

( Fig. 3 View FIGURE 3 ). Beal (2003) indicated that A. u. unicolor   had been found on Prince Edward Island, however, in the present study only A. u. japonicus specimens were found there and neither voucher specimens nor published records of the former from the province could be located. R. Beal (pers. com.) could not find a source for the original report and now considers it to have been in error. Accordingly, A. u. unicolor   is removed from the faunal list of Prince Edward Island. Found throughout the USA; in Canada recorded from British Columbia east to Québec and in Newfoundland ( Beal 2003). For bionomics see A. u. japonicus (below).


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