Sturnella magna quinta Dickerman, 1989

LeCroy, Mary, 2013, Type Specimens Of Birds In The American Museum Of Natural History Part 11. Passeriformes: Parulidae, Drepanididae, Vireonidae, Icteridae, Fringillinae, Carduelinae, Estrildidae, And Viduinae, Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History 2013 (381), pp. 1-155 : 55

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Sturnella magna quinta Dickerman


Sturnella magna quinta Dickerman View in CoL

Sturnella magna quinta Dickerman, 1989: 161 View in CoL (Frechal, Rio Surumu, Amapa, Brazil).

Now Sturnella magna quinta Dickerman, 1989 View in CoL . See Joseph, 2001: 69–71; Dickinson, 2003: 775; and Fraga, 2011: 806–807.

HOLOTYPE: AMNH 237404 View Materials , adult male, collected at Flexal (5 Frechal), 03.50N, 60.32W ( Paynter and Traylor, 1991), Rio Surumu, Roraima (not Amapa), northeastern Brazil, on 10 September 1927, by T. Donald Carter (no. 268, not 208) on the Lee Garnett Day Expedition. GoogleMaps

COMMENTS: Dickerman cited the AMNH number of the holotype in the original description and listed (on p. 162) 20 paratypes from Surinam and 14 from Amapá, Brazil. Paratypes in AMNH are: Surinam, Zanderij, AMNH 348596–348603 View Materials , 388079–388089 View Materials , eight males, nine females, two juveniles, by Haverschmidt in 1948–1949 ; in the interior, AMNH 521462 View Materials , female, 1 November 1905, by H.R. Putscher. Brazil, state of Roraima, Flexal, AMNH 237400–237403 View Materials , 237405 View Materials , 237406 View Materials , four males, two females, 4–15 September 1927, on the Day Expedition ; Limão (not Lima), Rio Cotinga, AMNH 237407– 237410 View Materials , two males, two females, 30 Septem-ber–1 October 1927, on the Day Expedition. I did not find specimens from Porto Platon in AMNH .

Joseph (2001: 69–71) discussed the type locality of ‘‘Frechal’’ and showed that it must be the locality ‘‘Flexal’’ in Roraima given by Paynter and Traylor (1991). Paynter and Traylor (1991) did not locate a Flexal in Amapá, but subsequent to their publication, Vanzolini (1992) gave the coordinates for such a place as 00.05N, 52.11W, certainly not in the vicinity of the Rio Surumu.

Tate (1930) provided a map of the Lee Garnett Day Expedition, showing it approaching Mount Roraima from the south, through the state of Roraima in Brazil. As Joseph (2001: 70) commented, ‘‘Frechal’’ and Limão are close together in the Savannas south of Mount Roraima. Chapman (1931: 133–134) assigned the same 11 specimens to S. m. monticola Chubb, 1921 , type locality Mount Roraima. Hellmayr (1937: 218–219), while he saw no differences between monticola and praticola, reluctantly recognized monticola , but Blake (1968: 180) considered it a synonym of praticola. Haverschmidt and Mees (1994: 537) assigned Surinam birds to the subspecies praticola, where it is said to occur in Surinam only in the area around the Zanderij airport (ca. 05.26N, 55.08W, Stephens and Traylor, 1985). Because of the error regarding the type locality, the subspecies quinta should be reexamined.


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Sturnella magna quinta Dickerman

LeCroy, Mary 2013

Sturnella magna quinta

Fraga, R. M. 2011: 806
Dickinson, E. C. 2003: 775
Joseph, L. 2001: 69

Sturnella magna quinta

Dickerman, R. W. 1989: 161
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