Astrilda (sic) nonnula Hartlaub

LeCroy, Mary, 2013, Type Specimens Of Birds In The American Museum Of Natural History Part 11. Passeriformes: Parulidae, Drepanididae, Vireonidae, Icteridae, Fringillinae, Carduelinae, Estrildidae, And Viduinae, Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History 2013 (381), pp. 1-155 : 94

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Astrilda (sic) nonnula Hartlaub


Astrilda (sic) nonnula Hartlaub

Astrilda (sic) nonnula Hartlaub, 1883: 425 (Kudurma) .

Now Estrilda nonnula nonnula Hartlaub, 1883 . See Hartert, 1919a: 142; Mayr et al., 1968: 346; Dickinson, 2003: 731; Fry and Keith, 2004: 305– 307; Payne, 2010: 321–322.

HOLOTYPE: AMNH 451799 View Materials , immature female, collected at Kudurma , 04.45N, 29.35E ( Chapin, 1954a), southern Bahr el- Ghazal , Sudan, on 12 November 1882, by Emin Pasha (5 Emin Bey) (no. 269). From the Rothschild Collection. GoogleMaps

COMMENTS: In the original description, Hartlaub described a single individual and said that it was an adult male, but the description applies to an immature bird. AMNH 451799 is an immature individual and matches the bird shown in Hartlaub (1887: 321, pl. 13). Emin’s female symbol, as usual, is an upside-down male symbol, probably misinterpreted by Hartlaub. Emin’s label has the name ‘‘ Habropyga nonnula Hartl. ’’ written on it in a hand I do not recognize. It is the only Emin specimen of this form that came to AMNH with the Rothschild Collection, and I measure the wing as 46 mm (47 mm given by Hartlaub). Hartert (1919a: 142) considered it the type, adding Emin’s field number, which was not cited by Hartlaub. Types of all the other forms described at that time by Hartlaub (1883: 425–426) came to AMNH with the Rothschild Collection, so there seems to be no reason to doubt that this specimen is the holotype.










Astrilda (sic) nonnula Hartlaub

LeCroy, Mary 2013

Estrilda nonnula nonnula

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Astrilda (sic) nonnula

Hartlaub, G. 1883: 425