Bombus hypnorum (Linnaeus, 1758),

Ornosa, Concepción, Torres, Félix & Rúa, Pilar De La, 2017, Updated list of bumblebees (Hymenoptera: Apidae) from the Spanish Pyrenees with notes on their decline and conservation status, Zootaxa 4237 (1), pp. 41-77: 57

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Bombus hypnorum (Linnaeus, 1758)


Bombus hypnorum (Linnaeus, 1758) 

This species has a Palearctic distribution. Certain Nearctic records are errors ( Williams et al. 2014). The species is assessed as Least Concern in the IUCN Red List of European Bees (Rasmont et al. 2015).

In the Iberian fauna, it spreads from Sierra de los Ancares in Cantabrian Range and the Pyrenees, from 750 and 1600 m of altitude ( Ornosa & Ortiz-Sánchez 2004). At present, it has been sampled in the Pyrenees in altitude forest meadows with patches of subalpine scrub, in forests of Pinus uncinata  and mountain supraforestal, between 1290 and 2035 m ( Fig. 7View FIGURE 7), on Buglossoides arvensis  (L.) I. M. Johns., Centaurea scabiosa  L., Eryngium bourgatii Gouan.  , Epilobium angustifolium  L., Mentha pulegium  L., Phlomis lychnitis  L., Lathyurus pratensis  L., Lotus corniculatus  L., Onobrichis vicifolia Scop., Rhododendron ferrugineum  L., Silene acaulis  (L.) Jacq., Trifolium pratense L.  and Trifolium repens L. 

This species, previously more common, seems to be declining in the Pyrenees ( Table 2). For example, in surveys conducted in 2009, only one individual was recorded. According to current data, this species exhibits greater orophilous tendency ( Fig. 7View FIGURE 7).

New records. Spain: Girona: La Molina, La Pobla  road, 25- VII-2009, 1 male, C. Ornosa leg., UCME  . La Molina , ski resort, 25- VII-2009, 1 worker; 9  - VII-2015, 1 worker; C. Ornosa leg., UCME; Setcases , 8-VII- 2 015, 1 worker, F. Torres leg., UCME  ; Huesca : Ordesa, pradera, 4- VII-2006, 3 males, 1 queen, C. Ornosa leg., UCME  ; Ordesa , Gradas de Soaso, 4- VII-2006, 1 worker, C. Ornosa leg., UCME  . Lleida : Baños de Tredós, 10- VII-2014, 1 worker, C. Ornosa leg., UCME  ; Estany Llong , slope, 9- VII-2014, 1 worker, F. Torres leg., UCME  ; Estany Sant Maurici , 26- VII-2006, 1 worker; 10  - VII-2014, 1 worker; C. Ornosa leg., UCME; Grasslands between Estany Ratera and Estany Sant Maurici, 26- VII-2006, 1 worker, C. Ornosa leg., UCME  .


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