Lispa torrentialis Rondani, 1877

Sforzi, Alessandra & Sommaggio, Daniele, 2021, Catalog of the Diptera types described by Camillo Rondani, Zootaxa 4989 (1), pp. 1-438: 150

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Lispa torrentialis Rondani, 1877


Lispa torrentialis Rondani, 1877  

ORIGINAL DESCRIPTION: 1877c: 284 (key), 293 (description).

TYPE LOCALITY: “ in torrente arda [sic!], ditionis parmensis   [ Arda stream, Parmese territory ( Italy)]”   .

TYPE MATERIAL: not found in this study.

CURRENT STATUS: junior synonym of Lispe flavicincta Loew, 1847   ( Pont 1986b: 186, Gorodkov et al. 1995: 15).

REMARKS: Rondani (1877c: 293) described Lispa torrentialis   from just the male sex, without specifying the exact number   of specimens, but giving a single measurement of length: “ Faeminam non vidi   sed marem tantum legi [I did not see the female but I collected the male once]”. In the MZUF (Box 26) there is a cardboard label with “ Lispe torrentialis   n., Arda” written on it, but there are no specimens or pinholes to prove that they were ever there. Rondani described this nominal species under the generic name “ Lispa   ”, which is an “incorrect subsequent spelling of Lispe Latreille, 1797   ” ( O’Hara et al. 2011: 106).






Lispa torrentialis Rondani, 1877

Sforzi, Alessandra & Sommaggio, Daniele 2021

Lispe flavicincta

Loew 1847