Geostiba (Sipalotricha) lucens (BENICK 1970)

Assing, V., 2009, A revision of Geostiba of the Western Palaearctic region. XIX. New species from Turkey and Iran and additional records, with an updated key and a catalogue of the species of the Eastern Mediterranean, the Caucasus, and adjacent regions (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Aleocharinae), Linzer biologische Beiträge 41 (2), pp. 1191-1246: 1215

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Geostiba (Sipalotricha) lucens (BENICK 1970)


Geostiba (Sipalotricha) lucens (BENICK 1970)  

M a t e r i a l e x a m i n e d: Turkey: 4 exs., Sinop, 30 km NNE Boyabat, Dıranaz geç., 41°38'N, 34°52'E, calcareous grassland, under stones, 5.IV.2009, leg. Assing (cAss) GoogleMaps   ; 2 exs., Niğde, Demirkazık , 37°50'N, 35°06'E, 1900 m, under Berberis, 16.V.2009, leg. Meybohm (cAss) GoogleMaps   ; 1 ex., Niğde, Demirkazık , 37°51'N, 35°06'E, 1700 m, under Berberis, 16.V.2009, leg. Meybohm (cAss) GoogleMaps   ; 1 ex., Adana, Eyüplü , 37°57'N, 36°06'E, 1560 m, 17.IV.2009, leg. Brachat & Meybohm (cAss) GoogleMaps   ; 1 ex., Hatay, Kızıldağ, Madenli , 36°25'N, 36°07'E, 1120 m, 11.IV.2009, leg. Brachat & Meybohm (cAss) GoogleMaps   .

Geostiba lucens   is one of the most widespread species of the genus in the Eastern Mediterranean, its distribution ranging from Turkey across the Balkans to southeastern Central Europe ( ASSING 2005a); for a recent distribution map see ASSING (2006).