Pristiphora alpestris (Konow, 1903),

Prous, Marko, Kramp, Katja & Liston 1, Veli VikbergAndrew, 2017, North-Western Palaearctic species of Pristiphora (Hymenoptera, Tenthredinidae), Journal of Hymenoptera Research 59, pp. 1-190: 32-34

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Pristiphora alpestris (Konow, 1903)


Pristiphora alpestris (Konow, 1903)  Figs 65, 88, 203, 233, 235

Pachynematus alpestris  Konow, 1903: 380 (key). Lectotype ♀ (GBIF-GISHym3921; here designated) in SDEI, examined. Type locality: Switzerland.

Lygaeonematus karvoneni  Lindqvist, 1952: 116-117, syn. n. Holotype ♂ (DEI-GISHym20888) in MZH, examined. Type locality: Pasila-Moor, Helsinki, Finland.

Similar species.

The most similar species is P. pseudocoactula  , from which it can be distinguished by usually having paler coloration (yellow clypeus, labrum, metafemur, and valvula 3) and different lancet and penis valve (see the Key). The holotype of karvoneni  Lindqvist is not separable from P. alpestris  (Figs 233, 235) and the figure of the penis valve given for karvoneni  by Lindqvist (1952) is misleading: the valvispina is drawn close to the ventral margin of paravalva (Fig. 51 in Lindqvist 1952), while in alpestris  and in the holotype of karvoneni  it is distinctly removed from the ventral margin (Figs 233, 235). Furthermore, the reported host plant ( Betula pendula  ) of karvoneni  is also used by P. alpestris  (Kangas, 1985).

Genetic data.

Based on COI barcode sequences, P. alpestris  belongs to the same BIN cluster (BOLD:AAK9467) as P. pseudocoactula  (Fig. 5). Maximum distance within the BIN is 1.62% and minimum between species distance is 0.00%. The nearest neighbour to BOLD:AAK9467, diverging by a minimum of 4.69%, is BOLD:ACO1401 ( P. euxantha  ). Based on nuclear data (one specimen; NaK), the nearest neighbour is 0.7% different ( P. pseudocoactula  ).

Host plants.

Betula pendula  Roth ( Adam 1973, Kangas 1985, ex ovo rearing experiments by VV), Betula pubescens  Ehrh. (Kangas, 1985).

Rearing notes.

Ovipositing experiment no. 3/1983: Finland, Janakkala, Kalpalinna. One captured female laid eggs on 7.V.1983 in pockets on undersides of the young leaves of Betula pendula  , the egg pockets are attached to side veins. Larvae hatched on 11.V.1983, four larval instars were observed. They grew rapidly and prepupae were seen on 20.V.1983 and the next days. No extra moult after feeding.

Distribution and material examined.

West Palaearctic. Specimens studied are from Finland, Germany, Sweden, and Switzerland.














Pristiphora alpestris (Konow, 1903)

Prous, Marko, Kramp, Katja & Liston 1, Veli VikbergAndrew 2017

Lygaeonematus karvoneni

Konow 1890