Tonnoiriella paveli Ježek, 1999,

Wagner, Rüdiger & Withers, Phil, 2020, The West-Palearctic species of the genus Tonnoiriella Vaillant, 1971 (Diptera: Psychodidae, Psychodinae), Zootaxa 4728 (2), pp. 183-210: 189

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Tonnoiriella paveli Ježek, 1999


Tonnoiriella paveli Ježek, 1999 

( Figs. 10, 11View FIGURES 8–14)

Tonnoiriella paveli Ježek, 1999  : Časopis Národniho Muzea v Praze Řada přirodovedna 168: 10.

Material: 1♂ holotype, slide mounted: head, antennae (1), palpi (2), thorax (2), wings (2), halter (1), legs (4), ab- domen (1), styli (2), aedeagus complex (1), epandrium and epandrial processes (1); left side white label: Morocco, 8278, High Atlas Mts. , a stream near a wet rocky wall S of Tizi-n-Test approximately 1700 m a.s.l., 2.–3. June 1985, Chvojka leg.; near forest brook with close undergrowth. Right side red label: Tonnoiriella paveli Ježek 1989  ; holo- type Cat. No. 33802, 1996 male  . 2♂ (nos 8279, 8280; Cat. Nos. 33803, 33804) with holotype. 1♂ paratype, left side white label: Morocco, 8283, High Atlas Mts. , Toubkai Massif, a streamlet, rocks NW of Lac Ifni (2.500 m a.s.l.), 3.October 1994, Chvojka leg.; right side red label: Tonnoiriella paveli Ježek 1989  , paratype, Cat. No 33807, 1999 male  . 1♂ paratype, left side white label: Morocco, 8285; NE of Anto-Atlas Mts, a streamlet of a semidesert area; 1.800 m a.s.l. N of Tizi-n-Bachkoun , 1.June 1985 Chvojka leg. Right side red label: Tonnoiriella paveli Ježek 1989  , paratype, Cat. No 33808, 1999 male (all in collection NMPC)  .

Description: Head round, eyebridge of 3 facet rows; distance between eyes 4 facet diameters; postocular bristles present. Palpus segments absolute length: 0.06-0.07 - 0.096 -0.166 mm; relative length: 30-35-48-83. Antenna with scape, pedicel and 14 flagellomeres: absolute length 0.042 -0.054 -0.04-0.04-0.04-0.04-0.04-0.044-0.046-0.044- 0.036-0.034-0.03-0.02 -0.024 - 0.028 mm; relative length 21-27-20-20-20-20-20-22-23-22- 18-17-15-10-12 -14; terminal flagellomere with apiculus. Pairs of digitate ascoids on flagellomeres 5–11.

Wing 3.18 times longer than wide; length 1.84 mm, width 0.58 mm.

Male terminalia ( Fig. 10View FIGURES 8–14) with hypandrium medially broadened. Gonocoxites are approximately 2.5x longer than wide with a long seta at about middle. Gonostyli about as long as gonocoxites, almost straight. Parameres difficult to identify, small.

Aedeagus with dorsal lobe of the basiphallus terminating in a broad sclerite laterally with elongate spine on one side, and a less sclerotized area on the other side ( Fig. 11View FIGURES 8–14). Ventral arm bilobed, short lobe connecting at about middle to the lateral side with the distiphallus, long lobe almost straight, tip at about tip of gonocoxite. The ventral distiphallus is a large strongly S-shaped sclerite, margin of baso-lateral end runs parallel to the margin of the dorsal basiphallus lobe; laterally with a tip, in the basal third with a small lobe connecting to the ventral lobe of the basiphallus; the long cross arm almost straight with blunt tips. The dorsal distiphallus has two slightly sinuous lateral lobes with sharp tips; aedeagal sheath with numerous wrinkles.

Epandrium is rectangular; epandrial processes almost straight longer than epandrium with 11 tenacula, length of latter decreasing apically.

Distribution: North Africa, Morocco.

Remarks: T. paveli  is a close relative of T. pulchra  due to the shape of the ventral distiphallus, bilobed on both sides; the dorsal distiphallus has two large lateral acute tips. The shape of the median part of the hypandrium was not clearly discernable and may differ.


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Tonnoiriella paveli Ježek, 1999

Wagner, Rüdiger & Withers, Phil 2020

Tonnoiriella paveli Ježek, 1999

Jezek 1999