Meconematini, Burmeister, 1838

Tan, Ming Kai & Wahab, Rodzay Bin Haji Abdul, 2020, A short taxonomic note on the katydids from the genus Cercoteratura Gorochov, 2019 (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae: Meconematinae), with a key to species, Zootaxa 4750 (4), pp. 591-595: 591-592

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Tribe Meconematini  

Cercoteratura Gorochov, 2019

Cercoteratura — Gorochov, 2019: 18 > original description of genus

Type species. Cercoteratura variegata Gorochov   , by original designation

Included species. Cercoteratura? abbreviata (Karny, 1924) from Sumatra

Cercoteratura mirabilis (Tan & Wahab, 2018)   comb. nov. from Borneo

Cercoteratura modesta Gorochov, 2019   from north Sumatra

Cercoteratura spinicauda (Sänger & Helfert, 1998)   from Thai-Peninsula

Cercoteratura variegata Gorochov, 2019   from north Sumatra (and Borneo—doubtful, see Discussion) Distribution. Sumatra, Thai-Peninsula and Borneo ( Fig. 1 View FIGURE 1 )

Comparison with other Meconematini   . Males of Cercoteratura differ from other genera of Meconematini   by characteristic shape of epiproct and shape of cercus ( Gorochov, 2019). It is similar to Kuzicus   and Xiphidiopsis   but differ by the following characters ( Table 1).