Phalloceros harpagos Lucinda, 2008

dos Santos, Sergio Alexandre & de Britto, Marcelo Ribeiro, 2021, The ichthyofauna of a poorly known area in the middle-southern Espinhaco mountain range, state of Minas Gerais, Brazil: diagnostics and identification keys, ZooKeys 1054, pp. 25-66: 25

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Phalloceros harpagos Lucinda, 2008


Phalloceros harpagos Lucinda, 2008  


Rio Paraná-Paraguay basin and coastal rivers from rio Itabapoana to rio Araranguá, in Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina.


Phalloceros harpagos   differs from P. uai   by having gonopodium with hook in the two gonopodial appendages in males positioned close to the appendages; distal half of the appendage narrower than proximal half; urogenital papilla centralized in females, positioned between anus and the base of first anal fin ray.


Albeit P. harpagos   presents a relatively wide distribution in coastal drainages of Brazil, here we present the first record of the species in the rio Santo Antônio basin.