Lepthyphantes zygius Tanasevitch, 1 993,

Marusik, Yuri M. & Koponen, Seppo, 2000, New data on spiders (Aranei) from the Maritime Province, Russian Far East, Arthropoda Selecta 9 (1), pp. 55-68: 61

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http://doi.org/ 10.5281/zenodo.822713

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Lepthyphantes zygius Tanasevitch, 1 993


Lepthyphantes zygius Tanasevitch, 1 993 

Lepthyphanteszygius Tanasevitch, 1993: l,f. 1-7 (holotypecf, and paratypes ♀♀ in ZMMU, examined);

. Lepthyphantes dentatus Tao, Li & Zhu, 1995: 248  , f. 98-105, syn.n.

Material examined: 1 ♀. Lazovski Reserve, America Kordon 43º16.5'N 134º03'E, 14- 17.05.1999, YSGoogleMaps  .

COMMENTS. Judjing to the illustrations and specimens examined, as well as to type localities of L. zygius and L. dentatus  (in bordering provinces), their synonymy is quite obvious. Not found outside Jilin, China and the Maritime Province, Russia.