Microdipoena illectrix, Simon, 1895,

Marusik, Yuri M. & Koponen, Seppo, 2000, New data on spiders (Aranei) from the Maritime Province, Russian Far East, Arthropoda Selecta 9 (1), pp. 55-68: 64

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http://doi.org/ 10.5281/zenodo.822713

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Microdipoena illectrix


Mysmenella cf. illectrix (Simon, 1895)  **

Namkung & Lee, 1987: f. 1-8.

Material examined: 2 ♀♀, [10] S part of Ussuri Reserve , 1000 m, 43º39'N 132º33'E, 29- 31.07.1998 YMGoogleMaps  ; 1 ♀, [21] Khasan Distr, env. of Andreevka Vill , 42º35-36'N 131º13'E, 11- 15.08. 1998 YMGoogleMaps  .

COMMENTS. The first record for the family in Russia. Actually, possibly the same species (single male) was found earlier on Iturup Island (Kurile Islands) by Kirill Eskov in 1994. But this record was not published in time and the male was lost soon. This species was recorded as M. jobi Kraus, 1967  from adjacent Japan [ Chikuni, 1989] and Korea [ Namkung & Lee, 1987], while it occurs in Hebei Province of China (several males and females collected in environs of Beijing by Pekka T. Lehtinen, examined). Examination of available material from the Far East, topotypes of M. illectrix from Phillipines (collected by P.T. Lehtinen) and illustrations provided by Kraus [1967] and Namkung & Lee [1987], proved that “Manchurian” population is not conspecific with either M. jobi  or M. illectrix and belongs to an undescribed species.