Ledermanniella sanagaensis C.Cusset (Cusset 1984: 256)

Bidault, Ehoarn, Boupoya, Archange, Ikabanga, Davy U., Nguimbit, Igor, Texier, Nicolas, Rutishauser, Rolf, Mesterhazy, Attila & Stevart, Tariq, 2023, Novitates Gabonenses 93: a fresh look at Podostemaceae in Gabon following recent inventories, with a new combination for Ledermanniella nicolasii, Plant Ecology and Evolution 156 (1), pp. 59-84 : 59

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Ledermanniella sanagaensis C.Cusset (Cusset 1984: 256)


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Endemic to the Sanaga and Mbam rivers, in Cameroon.

Habitat and ecology.

Rapids and falls in large rivers from ca 300 to 800 m wide, ca 400-450 m in elevation. Flowers were collected in March. This species has apparently never been collected on smaller tributaries of the Mbam and Sanaga rivers, but we are unaware of potential recent inventories.


This species was included in the Flore du Gabon volume dedicated to this family ( Ghogue 2018) following preliminary identifications made on material collected by the authors and colleagues in 2017. Nevertheless, additional material collected since revealed the unsuspected morphological variability of L. aloides . This discovery has led us to consider the Gabonese material as belonging to this species rather than to L. sanagaensis . This species is thus excluded from the flora of Gabon.