Phalloceros uai Lucinda, 2008

dos Santos, Sergio Alexandre & de Britto, Marcelo Ribeiro, 2021, The ichthyofauna of a poorly known area in the middle-southern Espinhaco mountain range, state of Minas Gerais, Brazil: diagnostics and identification keys, ZooKeys 1054, pp. 25-66: 25

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Phalloceros uai Lucinda, 2008


Phalloceros uai Lucinda, 2008  

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Rio das Velhas, rio São Francisco basin, Brazil.


Phalloceros uai   differs from P. harpagos   by having gonopodium with small left hook facing down or up and forward in males, situated near to gonopodial appendage base; right hook absent; urogenital papilla directed to the right side in females, positioned laterally; anal opening in contact with first anal fin ray or close to it.


Phalloceros uai   is an endemic species from rio São Francisco basin and, in this study, we present the first record for the rio Santo Antônio basin. Vieira et al. (2015) recorded the species in the rio Piracicaba, another important drainage from the rio Doce basin. The distribution of the species in adjacent basin deserves further research, and it is still being carefully investigated.