Hemp, Claudia, 2013, Annotated list of Ensifera (Orthoptera) and further records on Caelifera (Orthoptera) of Mt Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, Zootaxa 3613 (4), pp. 301-342: 305

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Tribe Agraeciini  

The two genera to which the East African Agraeciini   have been assigned so far, Anthracites Redtenbacher, 1891   and Agraecia Serville, 1831   , are in need of revision. In advance of a more comprehensive treatment, a comparison of the African species with the type species of both genera and with each other proves that for a proper assignment two new genera have to be proposed, which, in reference to the previous treatment and in accordance with some superficial overall similarity with those genera, we like to call Afroanthracites   and Afroagraecia   .