Chaetonotus (Primochaetus) heideri Brehm, 1917, Brehm, 1917

Kolicka, Małgorzata, Kisielewski, Jacek, Nesteruk, Teresa & Zawierucha, Krzysztof, 2013, Gastrotricha from the Poznań Palm House—one new subgenus and three new species of freshwater Chaetonotida (Gastrotricha), Zootaxa 3717 (2), pp. 231-279: 269

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Chaetonotus (Primochaetus) heideri Brehm, 1917


Chaetonotus (Primochaetus) heideri Brehm, 1917   ( Table 14)

Locality: Site 3; session I.

Material: 1 sample, 1 adult specimen, photographed.

Remarks: The Poznań Palm House specimen corresponds well with the ranges and appearance presented in the literature (Kisielewski 1997 a, Balsamo 1983), with a few exceptions. The observed specimen have a body covered with rounded scales, not more rectangular ones like in the description. Moreover the a, m, p pharynx formulas are lower than in the reference (38.3 %; 35.2 %; 40.8 % vs 43–46 %; 44–46 %; 51–57 %, respectively). The biggest trunk scales of this specimen were significantly longer than the given literature value for the species (18.1 Μm vs 12 Μm). Also, the shortest neck spines and the shortest trunk spines were shorter than the given literature range (12.9 Μm and 11.7 Μm vs 25–33 Μm and 46–68 Μm, respectively). The lateral denticle on the neck spines and trunk spines is situated closer to the end of the spines than was previously reported (35.7–42.4 % and 22.7 –29.0% vs 57 % and 33 %, respectively).

Distribution: Previously recorded in Brazil (Kisielewski 1991), the Faroe Islands ( De Smet et al. 1987), Germany (Brehm 1917), Great Britain (Martin 1990), Italy (e.g. Balsamo 1983), Japan (Sudzuki 1991), Korea (Lee & Chang 2000), New Zealand (Murray 1913), Poland (e.g. Kisielewska & Kisielewski 1986 a, b, c), and Sweden (Kånneby et al. 2009), the United States (Emberton 1981).