Eutyphlus thoracicus, O. Park, 1956

Owens, Brittany E. & Carlton, Christopher E., 2016, Revision ofEutyphlusLeConte (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Pselaphinae), with Description of a New Species and Phylogenetic Placement within the Tribe Trichonychini, The Coleopterists Bulletin 70 (1), pp. 1-29 : 1-29

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Eutyphlus thoracicus


Eutyphlus thoracicus

Material Examined. (n = 150) *TENNESSEE: Sevier Co. GSMNP, Trillium Gap Tr. @ 35°39.9′N 83°26.2′W 1400m. Forest litter. 29 July 2004. A.Tishechkin/ LSAM 0080787 ( LSAM)(slide mounted male)(description of male based on this specimen). *TENNESSEE:Sevier Co.; GSMNP, Trillium Gap Tr. @; 35°39.9′N 83°26.2′W; 1400m. Forest litter. 29 July; 2004. A.Tishechkin ( LSAM)(slide mounted female)(description of female based on this specimen). *Rocky Creek Gap Smoky Mts. Nat. Pk. Tenn. 1X:14:53, SA-HD/ Field Mus. Nat. Hist. Orlando Park Pselaphidae Colln. / (orange label) HOLOTYPE / Eutyphlus thoracicus . Park, nsp. ( FMNH)(1M; HOLOTYPE). *same locality/ (orange label) PARATYPE. ( FMNH) (2F). *Chimney Cp. Gr Smoky Mts. N. P. Tenn.16: IX:53 Auerbach #5/ Field Mus. Nat. Hist Orlando Park Pselaphidae Colln. / (orange label) PARATYPE ( FMNH)(1F). *Chimney Cp. Gr Smoky Mts. N. P. Tenn.16:IX:53 Auerbach #5/ Field Mus. Nat. Hist Orlando Park Pselaphidae Colln. / (orange label) PARATYPE ( FMNH)(1F). *Cloudland Canyon S. Pk. Dade Co., GA. 14. VI.62 Forest floor debris/ H. R. Steeves, Jr. J.D.Patrick Jr. Collectors/ H. R. Steeves Jr. Collection ( FMNH)(5F). *N CAROLINA: Haywood Co. GSMNP, Caldwell Fork Tr. At UTM 30897 View Materials E 3940883 N. Moist forest Berlese. 3 August 2002. C.Carlton & N. Lowe ( LSAM)(18F; 2M) * USA: NC Haywood Co. GSMNP McKee Branch Tr. 35°35′6″N 83°05′W / 1370m 16Jul–12Aug2002 FIT C.Carlton & S.Gil ( LSAM)(1M). *N CAROLINA: Haywood Co. GSMNP, Mt. Sterling Gap. 35°42.0′N 83°5.9′W 1190m. Forest litter. 29 July 2004. R. T.Allen/ LSAM 0095711 ( LSAM)(1F). *same locality ( LSAM)(16F; 1M). * USA: NC: Haywood Co. GSMNP Purchase Knob, berlese/ 313124E 3939640N 5089ft. 20 Jul 2002 CCarlton (3F; 1M). * USA: NC: Macon Co. 3 mi NW Highlands v-29- 1983, sift rhododendron litter, DSChandler ( DSC) (7F). * USA: NC: Swain Co GSMNP Appalachian Tr. 1.5 mi NE Newfound Gap/ 281639E 3944038N ridgetop berlese 18 Jul 2002 CCarlton ( LSAM)(3F). *N CAROLINA: Swain Co. Appalachian Tr. ∼ 1.5mi E Newfound Gap. 35°36.96′N 83°24.66′W 1730m. Forest litter; 18 July 2002. C.Carlton ( LSAM)(1F). * U.S.A., NC, Swain Co.; GSMNP, Beech Gap Tr.; 83°12′32″W, 35°38′23″N / elv. 1400m, 20, Oct. 2001; N. hardwood berlese; LSAM, C.Carlton ( LSAM)(2F). *N CAROLINA: Swain Co. GSMNP, jct. of Beech Gap & Hyatt Ridge Trails 35°37.82′N 83°42.07′W 1495m. Forest litter. 2 Oct 2005. W.D. Merritt ( LSAM)(3F). * USA N.C. Swain Co. Dirt Ri. From Heintooga Overlook to Cherokee/ Lot #76-102 Oct. 14, 1976 Berlesate 5000′- 4500′ R.Chenowith & R.Tallen ( LSAM)(7F). * U.S.A., NC, Swain Co. GSMNP, Flat Creek Trail 83°10′21″W, 35°33′1″N / elv. 1500m, leaf litter Berlese, 31 July 2001. A. Tishechkin ( LSAM) (1M). *N CAROLINA: Swain Co. GSMNP, Jenkins Ridge Tr. ∼ 1mi from Appalachian Tr. 35°33.75′N 83°43.2′W 1540m. Forest litter. 30 Jul 2004. A.K. Tishechkin ( LSAM)(3F). *N CAROLINA: Swain Co. GSMNP, upper Jenkins Ridge Tr. At 35°33.75′N 83°43.2′W. 1540m. Leaf litter 31 Jul 2004. A.K. Tishechkin ( LSAM)(1F). *N. CAR. Swain Co. Mt. Collins 5900′ v.21.1977 A.Newton, M.Thayer ( DENH)(2F). *N CAROLINA: Swain Co. GSMNP, Noland Divide Tr. at 35°33′57″N 83°28′36″W 1770m.Leaf/moss mat litter 19 July 2003. A. Tishechkin ( LSAM)(2F). * USA: NC. Yancey Co. Black Mtn. info cntr v-21-1991 sift fir-oak S.O’ Keefe collr ( DSC) (3M). * USA: NC, Yancy Co. B. R. Pkwy. 37.4 mi. SW intersection US 221 elv. 4600′ log litter C.E.Carlton ( LSAM)(1F). * SC: Oconee Co. 6.7 mi NNW Walhalla 1.vii 1983 1760′ hdwd forest litter J. Pakaluk #148 ( DSC)(1M). * TENNESSEE: Blount Co. GSMNP, App. Tr. ∼ 0.5mi E Thunderhead Mt. summit 35°34.05′N 83°43.05′W 1510m. Forest litter. 30 Jul 2004 A.K.Tishechkin ( LSAM)(5F). * TENNESSEE: Blount Co. GSMNP, App. Tr. ∼ 0.5km W Mt. Thunderhead summit at 35°34.11′N 83°42.00′W 1585m. Forest litter sifting 13 April 2006. A.K. Tishechkin ( LSAM)(4F). * USA: TN, Blount Co. 5.8mi. ECling. Dome C.E.Carlton ( LSAM)(2F). * TENNESSEE: Blount Co. GSMNP, Gregory Cave entrance. 35°33.74′N 83°51.624′W. Litter. 28 July 2004. V.Bayless, C.Carlton & A.Tishechkin ( LSAM)(1F). * TENNESSEE: Blount Co. GSMNP, lower Gregory Ridge Tr. @ 35°33.5′N 83°30.5′W. 630m. For. Litter 28 Jul 2004. A.K. Tishechkin ( LSAM)(3F). * TENNESSEE: Cocke Co. GSMNP, Albright Grove Loop Tr. Ca. 950m. Berlese near rotten longs 19 July 2003. S.O’ Keefe ( LSAM)(2F). * USA Tenn Cocke Co. GSMNP Cosly Creek Trail/ Lot#76-105 Oct. 15, 1976 Berlesate R.Chenowith& R. T.Allen ( LSAM)(4F). * TENNESSEE: Sevier Co. GSMNP, App. Tr. Just W of Sweat Heifer Cr. Trhd. 1720m 35°37.3′N 83°24.35′W. Forest litter. 14 April 2006. C.Carlton ( LSAM)(1F). * TENNESSEE: Sevier Co. GSMNP, Indian Head Tr. 35.60944°N 83.44659°W Sift litter. 5290′ 20 July 2003. S.O’ Keefe ( LSAM) (2F; 2M). *USA-TN: Sevier Co. GSMNP. Mount LeConte, Alum Cave Tr. at 35°39.33′N 83°26.75′W, 1920m, spruce-fir litter berlese Sokolov I.M 6 Oct 2008 ( LSAM)(3F; 3M). * TENNESSEE: Sevier Co. GSMNP, Porters Creek Tr. Sift litter near rotten logs Beetle Blitz- 2003 18 July 2003. S.O’ Keefe ( LSAM)(9F). * U.S.A., TN, Sevier Co. GSMNP, Porters Crk. Tr. 83°23′52″W, 35°40′13″N / elv. 870 m, 18 Oct. 2001 old growth berlese A.Tishechkin, A. Cline ( LSAM)(2F; 4M). * TENNESSEE: Sevier Co. GSMNP, Road Prong Trail 35°36′36″N 83°27′3″W 1580m. Leaf/moss mat litter. 20 July 2003 A. Tishechkin ( LSAM)(3F; 1M). * USA: TN: Sevier Co. GSMNP, Roaring Fork Area, Rainbow Falls Tr UTM 275540 E 3949710 N, Moist forest Berlese 1Aug2002 CEC ( LSAM)(6F). * TENNESSEE: Sevier Co. Trillium Gap Tr. @ 35°39.9′N 83°26.2′W 1400m. Forest litter. 29 July; 2004. A.Tishechkin ( LSAM)(1F). * USA Tenn.-N.Car. Sevier Co. GSMNP, Newfound Gap to Clingman’ s Dome/ Lot #76-107 Oct. 11, 1976 Berlesate R.Chenowith & R. T.Allen ( LSAM)(2F). * USA: VA, Wash. Co. E. of Damascus leaf litter C.E.Carlton ( LSAM)(1M). * USA: WV. Pocahontas Co. 6 mi SE Marltinon Co. forest trail #407, off Hwy 92, v-16- 1991, sift oak litter, S.O’ Keefe ( DSC)(1F).


List of taxa (with specimen label data) included in the phylogenetic analysis.


TRIBE BATRISINI Reitter Arthmius bulbifer Casey, 1983 : USA: AR, Montgomery Co. approx. 5 mi. W. of Little Mo. Falls rec. Area MVLT 25.vii.1991 C.E. Carlton


TRIBE BYTHINOPLECTINI Schaufuss Hendecameros panamense Comellini, 1985 : PANAMA: Colon Pr., San Lorenzo Forest   GoogleMaps . 9°17′N 79°58′W. Flight intercept FIT-C1-5. 27-28.ix.2003 A. Tishechkin – IBISCA’03

TRIBE DIMERINI Raffray Barroeuplectoides sp. Park, 1942:

BELIZE: Orange Walk Dist. Rio Bravo Conservation Area La Milpa Ruins 17.IV.1995 P.W. Kovarik rot. Log. Berlese det. C. Carlton 1995


Euplectus confluens LeConte, 1849 :

USA, AR, Newton Co. Buf. Nat. Riv. Kyles Landing Hdwd. Berlesate 10. Mar. 1988 C.Carlton

Leptoplectus pertenuis (Casey, 1884) :

USA, Ark, Polk Co, Shady Lake Rec. Area, 1200ft. Hdwd-pine berlese. 13 Oct. 1974 A. Newton

Pycnoplectus linearis (LeConte, 1849) : FLORIDA: Alachua Co. 29°34½′N, 82°29′W 18-X-1994 Randall W. Lundgren Flightbarrier trap in hardwood hammock det. C. Carlton 1996


Jubus sp. Schaufuss, 1872:

ECUADOR, Azuay Pr. 45 km NE Cuenca , 195 elv. 2850 m, 1 Jan 1992 cloud forest Berlese C. Carlton, R. Leschen

Sebaga sp. Raffray, 1891:

BELIZE: Orange Walk Dist. Rio Bravo Cons. Area Research Station 15-20 IV 1995, F.I. T. P.W. Kovarik

TRIBE MAYETIINI Winkler Mayetia domestica Schuster, Marsh, and Park, 1959 : USA: MO: Taney Co., Ozark Underground Lab 36.5789°N, 92.8641°W. 19.X.2007, soil under fungi, #998. L.F. Watrous


Metopias sp. Gory, 1832:

ECUADOR: Depto. Orellana, Res. Ethnica Waorani, 1 km S Onkone Gare Camp, Trans. Ent. 0°39′10″S 76°26′W. 220m. 5 February 1996 T. L. Erwin et al. collectors Insecticidal fogging of mostly bare green leaves, some with covering of lichenous or bryophytic plants in terra firme forest. Project MAXUS Lot 1427 Trans. 3 Sta. 7 GoogleMaps

Subtribe Rhinoscepsina Bowman 1934

Rhinoscepsis bistriatus LeConte, 1878 : Crescent City, Fla. Coll Hubbard & Schwarz


Subtribe Trichonychina Reitter

Foveoscapha terracola Park and Wagner, 1962 : USA: Washington, Pierce Co. Mt Rainier NP, 1000ft N Green Lake , 12.3 mi (19.8 km) SE Wilkeson UTM: 10 Z, 586840mE, 5203500mN elev: 3360ft 27Oct1996 E.A. Lisowski Berlese of rotting wood and forest litter #105-01

Subtribe Panaphantina Jeannel

Bibloplectus cherokee Chandler, 1990 :

USA: LA: Bossier Par Bodcau WMA. UVLT 22 May 1996 C.Carlton / V. Moseley. Det. CE CARLTON 2002

Eutyphlus dybasi Park, 1956 :

USA: TN: Cocke Co. GSMNP Snake Den Ridge Trail btw 299077 3957780 & 299657 3957885 CWright June 2005

Eutyphlus spiralis Owens and Carlton , new species: USA: NC: Macon Co. 10 mi SW Franklin; Back country info center; V-22-1991; Berlese oak & Rhododendron ; S.O’ Keefe

Eutyphlus prominens Park, 1956 :

TENNESSEE: Sevier Co. GSMNP, Trillium Gap Tr. @ 35°39.9′N 83°26.2′W 1400m. Forest litter. 29 July 2004. A. Tishechkin GoogleMaps

Eutyphlus schmitti Raffray, 1904 :

USA: PA: Jeffer.Co., Cook State Forest 0.4 mi S Cooksburg Mohawk Trail. VI-6-1997, DSChandler hardwood leaf litt .

Eutyphlus similis LeConte, 1880 :

USA: Tenn. Cocke Co. GSMNP Colby Creek Trail Lot #76-106 Oct 15, 1976 Berlesate R. Chenowith & R. T. Allen

Eutyphlus thoracicus Park, 1956 :

N CAROLINA: Haywood Co. GSMNP, Caldwell Fork Tr. At UTM 30897 View Materials E 3940883 N. Moist forest Berlese. 3 August 2002. C.Carlton & N.Lowe

Pseudactium carolinae Casey, 1908 :

USA, TX, Sabine Co. 9 mi. E Hemphill Beech Bottom 11 May 1988 beech, magnolia sifter R. Anderson

Thesiastes sp. Casey, 1894:

Falls Church 6:iv:1919 Va EA Chapin Collector

Thesium sp. Casey, 1884:

USA Ark. Scot Co. 6.7 Mi. S. Inters Hwys. 270 & 71 on 71 Lot #77-103 July 25, 1977 Berlesate Hardwood-Pine Chenowith, Carlton, Heiss

Trimioplectus australis Chandler, 1990 :

USA, AR, Polk Co. Rich Mt. , Eagleton Overlook Berlesate R. T. Allen, 17 Feb. 1988

Subtribe Trimiina Bowman

Actiastes globiferum (LeConte, 1849) : Nashville Tenn H Soltau Collection

Dalmosanus quercavum (Chandler, 1990) : USA Ark. St. Francis Co. 6.5 Mi. NW. Inters Hwys 79 & 38 on 38 Lot #77-23 March 10, 1977 Berlesate Oak R Chenowith

Dalmosella tenuis Casey, 1878 :

USA, AR, Cross Co., Village Crk. St. Pk. Camp loop A Berlesate 7 Feb. 1989 C. E. Carlton

Hanfordia sp. Park, 1960:

BELIZE: Orange Walk Dist. Rio Bravo Conservation Area La Milpa ruins, 18.IV.1995 Atta debris pile, P.W. Kovarik det. C. Carlton 1995

Melba clypeata (Reitter, 1883) :

Virgin IS: St Croix Est. Rust-up-Twist North Shore Rd. 01Oct1987, M.A. Ivie under bark Trimiomelba dubia (LeConte, 1849) :

USA: TX Brewster Co. Big Bend N.P., Cattail Falls , elv. 1310m 6 Sept 1988 hdwd. Berlesate R. Anderson

Trimium brevicorne (Reichenbach, 1816) :

PQ# A20402 View Materials DC 9.XII. 32 in moss, taking from Czechoslovzk USNM

Quadrelba sp. Park, 1942:

VIRGIN IS: St. John Bordeaux Mt. Elv. 1150 ft. 13-AUG 1980 M A Ivie Colr. Rotten Log


Subtribe Trogastrina Jeannel

Conoplectus acornus Carlton, 1983 :

USA Ark. Fulton Co. 1.4 Mi. N. Inters. Hwys. 62& 289 on 289 Lot #77-186 Oct. 18, 1977 Berlesate Hardwoods R. Chenowith

Subtribe Rhexiina Park

Rhexius sp. LeConte, 1849:

USA, Ark., Desha Co. 1.9mi. W. intersec. Hwy. 65+I59 on I59. Bottomland Hdwd. Mar. 8, 1977 Chenowith 77-19

SUPERTRIBE FARONITAE Sonoma baylessae Ferro and Carlton, 2010 : USA Tenn-N. Car. Sevier Co. GSMNP, Newfound Gap to Mt. Le Conte Lot #77- 74 June 22, 1977 Berlesate 5000′–6300′ R. Chenowith & J. Heiss


Reichenbachia howardi Park, 1958 :

Gueydan La Aug 7 1925 EKalmbach At lights


Pselaptrichus perfidus Schuster and Marsh, 1956 : USA: Washington, King Co. Mt. Baker- Snoqualmie Nat. Forest. 0.8 mi SSW Mount Defiance summit 11.3 mi ESE North Bend UTM: 10Z, 607800mE, 5253180mN Elev : 3200ft, 1-ix-1996 E.A. Lisowski #523-01 berlese of moss and liverworts on wood


Lucifotychus cognatus (LeConte, 1874) :

USA: WASHINGTON, Yakima Co. #567-1 ravine north of Wild rose Campground 3.8mi (6.1km) ENERimrock UTM: 10 Z, 649460mE, 5170760mN Elev: 2650ft, 780m 15-II-1998, EA Lisowski Berlese creek litter


Louisiana State Arthropod Museum


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