Orthurella moravica ( Hoernes & Auinger, 1880 ), Harzhauser & Landau, 2021

Harzhauser, Mathias & Landau, Bernard M., 2021, The Columbellidae (Gastropoda, Buccinoidea) in the Miocene Paratethys Sea — striking diversity of a negelected group, Zootaxa 5025 (1), pp. 1-75: 39-40

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Orthurella moravica ( Hoernes & Auinger, 1880 )

nov. comb.

Orthurella moravica ( Hoernes & Auinger, 1880)   nov. comb.

Figs 4K, 13D 1 –D 2, E 1 –E 2, F 1 –F 2, I

[ Anachis   ] Moravica nov. form.—Hoernes 1880: 127 [nomen nudum].

* Columbella (Anachis) Moravica   nov. form.— Hoernes & Auinger 1880: 101, pl. 12, figs 1–2.

Columbella (Macrurella) moravica Hö. Au.   var.— Boettger 1906: 20.

Mitrella (Macrurella) moravica ( Hoernes und Auinger 1880)   — Kojumdgieva & Strachimirov 1960: 185, pl. 45, fig. 11. Columbella (Macrurella) moravica Hoernes und Auinger 1880   — Strausz 1966: 295, pl. 42, figs 4–5.

Type material. Lectotype (designated herein): NHMW1861 View Materials /0011/0519a, SL: 17.1 mm, MD: 6.9 mm, Jaroměřice nad Rokytnou (the Czech Republic), illustrated in Hoernes & Auinger (1880, pl. 12, figs 1a–c), Figs 13E 1 –E 2   . Paralectotypes: NHMW1861 View Materials /0011/0519b, SL: 14.9 mm, MD: 6.8 mm, Jaroměřice nad Rokytnou (the Czech Republic)   , illustrated in Hoernes & Auinger (1880, pl. 12, figs 2a–c), Figs 13D 1 –D 2. NHMW2020 View Materials /0159/0001, SL: 19.7 mm, MD: 7.4 mm, Jaroměřice nad Rokytnou (the Czech Republic)   , Figs 4K, 13F 1 –F 2. NHMW2020 View Materials /0159/0002, SL: 16.1 mm, MD: 7.1 mm, Jaroměřice nad Rokytnou (the Czech Republic)   ; Fig. 13I. NHMW1864 View Materials /0001/0326, 12 spec., Jaroměřice nad Rokytnou (the Czech Republic)   ; NHMW2020 View Materials /0160/0001, 1 spec., Boskovice (the Czech Republic)   .

Description. Shell medium sized, moderately broad fusiform, with strongly gradate spire and broad sutural shelf. Protoconch large, conical, multispiral of 3.5 convex whorls. Teleoconch of eight whorls. Early spire narrowly conical with moderately convex whorls and narrowly incised suture. Spire whorls becoming subcylindrical and rapidly increasing in width within 6 to 8 teleoconch whorls, resulting in broad sutural shelf bordered by crested shoulder. Last whorl subcylindrical, weakly keeled at periphery, strongly constricted, with high base. Sculpture of delicate spiral threads on entire teleoconch; numerous broad spiral cords with narrow interspaces on abapical portion of base and siphonal canal. Aperture narrow, elongate. Outer lip weakly thickened with about nine small weak denticles within. Anal canal narrowly incised, V-shaped. Siphonal canal very long, narrow, deflected. Columella   twisted, forming weak columellar fold. Columellar callus narrow, thin, adherent, without denticles. Parietal callus slightly thickened.

Shell measurements and ratios. SL: 14.9–19.7 mm, MD: 6.9–7.4 mm, AA: 35–41°, SL/MD: 2.5–2.7, AL/AW: 4.8–5.0, LWH/AH: 1.2–1.3.

Discussion. This species is characterised by its strikingly allometric growth. The early spire morphology, however, is identical with Orthurella convexula   , which develops a similar protoconch. In addition, both species develop an extraordinarily long siphonal canal. Therefore, we place Columbella (Anachis) moravica   in Orthurella   . The broad subhorizontal sutural shelf immediately distinguishes Orthurella moravica ( Hoernes & Auinger, 1880)   from O. convexula   .

Palaeoenvironment. Unknown.

Distribution in Central Paratethys. Badenian (middle Miocene): Carpathian Foredeep: Jaroměřice nad Rokytnou, Boskovice (the Czech Republic); Pannonian Basin: Szob ( Hungary) ( Strausz 1966); Făget Basin: Coşteiu de Sus ( Romania) ( Boettger 1906); Dacian Basin: Târnene ( Bulgaria) (Kojumdgieva in Kojumdgieva & Strachimirov 1960).

Genus Clinurella Sacco, 1890  

Type species. Columbella (Clinurella) scalaris Sacco 1890   (in Sacco 1890b); subsequent designation by Pace (1902: 43). Early Miocene, Italy.

Discussion. Clinurella   comprise medium sized, moderately broad fusiform shells with high to moderately high spire and convex, strongly constricted last whorl with long, narrow, slightly deflected siphonal canal. A flaring outer lip with prominent denticles and prominent spiral cords on the base and on the exterior part of the outer lip are characteristic.

Sacco (1890b: 44) established Clinurella   as a subgenus of Columbella   and listed Columbella (Clinurella) scalaris (Sacco, 1890)   , Columbella (Clinurella) albucianensis Sacco, 1890   , Columbella borsoni Bellardi, 1848   and Columbella (Clinurella) vialensis Sacco, 1890   in his new subgenus. Columbella borsoni   , C. minima   and C. vialensis   have relatively short siphonal canals and only moderately flaring apertures, if at all, and are placed herein in Mitrella   (see also Landau et al. 2013: 189). Therefore, we place only Clinurella scalaris   , C. albucianensis   and C. sophiae ( Boettger, 1902)   in Clinurella   .

Cossmann (1901: 242) synonymised Clinurella   with Atilia H. Adams & A. Adams, 1853   (= Anachis H. Adams & A. Adams, 1853   ). Anachis scalarina (G. B. Sowerby I, 1832)   , type species of Anachis   , and Anachis suffusa (G.B. Sowerby I, 1844)   , type species of Atilia   , differ clearly from Clinurella   in their short siphonal canal and simple outer lips and the synonymy proposed by Cossmann (1901) is rejected herein.

Clinurella   is reminiscent of Orthurella Sacco, 1890   but is distinguished by its broader shell, thickened and flaring outer lip and prominent denticulation on the columellar edge and the outer lip. In Orthurella   columellar denticles are absent, any sculpture resulting from the spiral cords over the base showing through the columellar callus.

Clinurella   is known so far only from the Burdigalian and Langhian of the Proto-Mediterranean Sea and the Langhian (Badenian) of the Central Paratethys Sea.






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Orthurella moravica ( Hoernes & Auinger, 1880 )

Harzhauser, Mathias & Landau, Bernard M. 2021

Columbella (Macrurella) moravica Hö. Au.

Boettger, O. 1906: 20

Columbella (Anachis)

Hoernes, R. & Auinger, M. 1880: 101