Martin, Jon H. & Lau, Clive S. K., 2011, The Hemiptera-Sternorrhyncha (Insecta) of Hong Kong, China-an annotated inventory citing voucher specimens and published records, Zootaxa 2847, pp. 1-122: 46-49

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Antonina crawi Cockerell (1900)  

Reported from HK by Hendricks & Kosztarab (1999) —see ScaleNet.

Antonina graminis ( Maskell, 1897)  

Described from HK on undetermined grass. Lectotype in NZAC.  

Antonina nakaharai Williams & Miller (2002)  

Reported from HK, on Sinobambusa tootsii   and on “? Ixora   ” [an unlikely host], by Williams & Miller (2002), the material deposited in USNM.

Antonina pretiosa Ferris (1953)  

Two samples in BMNH, from? Arundinaria sp.   by Sai Kung—Ma On road (NT), and from an undetermined stick bamboo at HK Wetland Centre (NT). This heavily sclerotised mealybug feeds under blade-base sheaths and its presence is indicated by ant interest.

Antonina socialis Newstead (1901)  

Reported from HK, on Bambusa sp.   , by Williams & Miller (2002), the material deposited in USNM.

Crisicoccus pini (Kuwana, 1902)  

Single sample in BMNH, from Pinus massoniana   at TLF.

Dysmicoccus angustus (Ezzat & McConnel, 1956)  

An interception in China of material from HK, on Indocalamus herklotsii   , was reported by Tang (1992: 284) but the whereabouts of vouchers is not known.

Dysmicoccus brevipes (Cockerell, 1893)  

Single sample in BMNH, from Ananas comosus   at TLF. Reported from HK by Lee & Winney (1981), probably quoting this sample.

Dysmicoccus   undetermined sp. 1

Single sample in BMNH, from Pinus sp.   at Castle Peak.

Eumyrmococcus smithii Silvestri (1926)  

Species described from Macau, with lectotype ( IEAUN) designated by Williams (1978), and a paralectotype in BMNH. Williams listed further examined Chinese material, along with material from Taiwan and Okinawa ( Japan). Three slides in BMNH bear the data “ China, Taipo Market, 26 December 1926, Silvestri”— these were referred to by Williams (1978) but not in his subsequent account of Eumyrmococcus   in 1998. Scrutiny of Silvestri (1926) reveals that these slides refer to the locality Tai Po Market in the NT of HK — “una seconda volta presso Taipò Market (Penisola di Kowloon)…..” Tao (1999b) recorded this mealybug from two mainland Chinese provinces, along with Taiwan and Japan, but did not refer to HK or to voucher material.

Ferrisia virgata (Cockerell, 1893)   (Fig. 32)

Samples in BMNH, from Citrus sp.   , Cocculus orbiculatus   and Melia azedarach   .

Formicococcus robustus (Ezzat & McConnell, 1956)  

Single sample in BMNH, collected from stem nodes of Gnetum luofuense   in Aberdeen Country Park ( HK Island), cautiously determined by the authors.

Geococcus lawrencei Williams (1969)  

Single sample in BMNH, collected from Codiaeum variegatum var. pictum   in Kowloon by the second author. The infestation was causing serious die-back of the seedling host.

Lankacoccus ornatus (Green, 1922)  

Two samples in BMNH, both from Jasminum lanceolarium   on HK Island. There is also material in PPRD and in USNM.

Maconellicoccus hirsutus (Green, 1908)  

Samples in BMNH, from Dimocarpus longan   [= Euphoria longan   ], Ficus sp.   , Hibiscus rosa-sinensis   , H. tiliaceus   and Hibiscus sp.   Reported from HK by Lee & Winney (1981).

Nipaecoccus vastator (Maskell, 1895)  

see Nipaecoccus viridis (Newstead, 1894)  

Nipaecoccus viridis (Newstead, 1894)  

Samples in BMNH, from Citrus sp.   , Clausena lansium   , Dimocarpus longan   [= Euphoria longan   ] and Nerium oleander   . Reported from HK by Lee & Winney (1981), under the junior synonym N. vastator (Maskell, 1895)   .

Palmicultor lumpurensis (Takahashi, 1951)  

Single large sample in BMNH, from bamboo collected by Hill in 1973 but with no further data.

Phenacoccus madeirensis Green (1923)  

Vouchers in BMNH and PPRD, from single large colony defoliating undetermined member of the Malvaceae   on HK Island.

Phenacoccus parvus Morrison (1924)  

Three samples in BMNH, all from undetermined hosts. Material is present in PPRD from Emilia sonchifolia   .

Phenacoccus solani Ferris (1918)  

Two samples in BMNH, on Emilia sonchifolia   and Melia azedarach   , both from Kowloon.

Phenacoccus solenopsis Tinsley (1898)  

Material collected from Hibiscus mutabilis   in HK in 2008 was determined by Gullan, with voucher material to be deposited in ANIC. Eradication measures were carried out in HK in 2009, following this determination.

Planococcus angkorensis ( Takahashi, 1942)  

Single sample in BMNH, from Psidium guajava   at TLF.

Planococcus citri (Risso, 1813)  

Samples in BMNH, from Codiaeum variegatum   , Desmodium intortum   , Dimocarpus longan   [= Euphoria longan   ], “ Erigeron canadiensis   ” [possibly Conyza canadensis   ], Ipomoea batatas   and Psidium guajava   . Reported from HK by Lee & Winney (1981), and some of the host records quoted by them are now thought to concern P. minor   , see below.

Planococcus litchi Cox (1989)  

Sole individual from HK is the holotype ( BMNH), collected from a lychee leaf intercepted at London Heathrow airport, U.K., but there is now also material from Eriobotrya japonica   in PPRD (see Appendix 4)   .

Planococcus minor ( Maskell, 1897)  

Samples in BMNH and PPRD, from Bridelia tomentosa   , Camellia sp.   , Ficus elastica   , Macaranga tanarius   , Psidium guajava   and Codiaeum variegatum   . Many earlier published records for P. citri   in fact concern P. minor   .

Pseudococcus citriculus Green (1922)  

see P. cryptus Hempel (1918)  

Pseudococcus comstocki (Kuwana, 1902)  

see discussion of P. cryptus Hempel (1918)   , below

Pseudococcus cryptus Hempel (1918)  

Single small HK sample in BMNH, from Psidium guajava   . There is also another HK voucher sample in BMNH, originally determined as its junior synonym P. citriculus   , from curled leaves of an undetermined host at Pak Sha O (NT). CAB International (1975) record P. comstocki (Kuwana, 1902)   from HK, but ScaleNet states that many records of comstocki   actually refer to P. cryptus   and ScaleNet does not list HK in the distribution of P. comstocki   — we therefore also omit P. comstocki   from the HK check list.

Pseudococcus gilbertensis Beardsley (1966)  

Samples in BMNH, from Asparagus lucidus   , Citrus sp.   , Ficus sp.   and Ligustrum sinense   .

Pseudococcus jackbeardsleyi Gimpel & Miller (1996)  

A single sample, with individuals mixed with Planococcus citri (Risso)   , is distributed between two slides in BMNH, determined by Douglas Williams. The host is only given as “leguminous vine in scrubland” at the old Tung Chung village, Lantau I.

Pseudococcus odermatti Miller & Williams (1997)  

HK material in BMNH comprises one paratype specimen, from Pittosporum tobira   at Sheung Shui (NT), and also three individuals from Rapanea neriifolia   at Tai Tam Country Park, HK Island.

Pseudococcus   undetermined sp. or spp

HK voucher slides, with immature specimens only, are in BMNH from Litchi chinensis   and Phyllanthus cochinchinensis   .

Rastrococcus chinensis Ferris (1954)  

Samples in BMNH and PPRD, from Alocasia sp.   , Aporusa dioica   , Ardisia lindleyana   , Psychotria asiatica   and Syzygium hancei   .

Rastrococcus iceryoides (Green, 1908)  

Reported from HK by Ferris (1954) (feeding on Mallotus sp.   ), by Ben-Dov (1994) and by Tao (1999b). No HK vouchers in BMNH or PPRD.

Rastrococcus invadens Williams (1986)  

Single female and nymphs in BMNH, from undetermined host at TLF. Tao (1999b) listed this species, mistakenly implying that it was described from HK [it was described from Pakistan].

Rastrococcus rubellus Williams (1989)  

Samples in BMNH, from Citrus grandis   , Ficus sp.   , Mallotus paniculatus   and Plumeria rubra   c.v. acutifolia  .

Rhizoecus hibisci Kawai & Takagi (1971)  

A single specimen in BMNH, from Rhapis sp.   intercepted in the Netherlands from HK, along with other slides of material intercepted in the Netherlands from mainland China. Williams (1996) discussed the quarantine importance of this species.

Saccharicoccus sacchari (Cockerell, 1895)  

Two samples in BMNH, both from Saccharum officinarum   , at TLF and Fung Yuen Village (NT). Reported from HK by Lee & Winney (1981), probably referring to the TLF record above, and by Tao (1999b).

Trionymus orientalis (Maskell, 1898)  

Described from HK on undetermined grass. Syntypes in NZAC   .

Trionymus   undetermined sp. 1

Single Takahashi slide bearing several specimens from Citrus sp.   , collected in HK in 1940, present in TARI (Shu-Pei Chen, pers. comm.).

Xenococcus acropygae Williams (1998)  

Reported from HK by Silvestri (1926), Williams (1978) and by Tao (1999b) as X. annandalei Silvestri. Williams (1998: 25)   considered that the HK material is probably in fact referable to his new species X. acropygae   . X. annandalei   is currently only known from its type sample, from Orissa, India. This curious mealybug genus is habitually ant-attended (by Acropyga species   ) and is found underground, feeding on roots. Williams (1985) opined that X. acropygae   will probably be found to occur throughout south-east Asia.

Xenococcus annandalei Silvestri (1924)  

see Xenococcus acropygae Williams (1998)   , above.


We generally follow the nomenclatural system of Hodkinson (1986)


New Zealand Arthropod Collection


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