Chamaemyiidae, Hendel, 1910

Sforzi, Alessandra & Sommaggio, Daniele, 2021, Catalog of the Diptera types described by Camillo Rondani, Zootaxa 4989 (1), pp. 1-438: 84

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This worldwide family of acalyptrate flies has almost 350 species ( Evenhuis & Pape 2020). Rondani (1847d, 1848a, 1872 c, 1875a) described 12 Palaearctic nominal species, nine considered as valid and three as junior synonyms ( Raspi 1983, Tanasijtshuk 1984, Nartshuk et al. 1995, Raspi 2003, 2006, Raspi & Benelli 2016) in his “ Stirps Lonchaeinae  ”. The family Chamaemyiidae  was proposed by Hendel (1910b). Rondani (1873a) also proposed two nomina nuda  . In his paper on the Rondani types at MZUB, Morge (1959b) listed one name (nomen nudum) that he attributed to Rondani. Morge (1962b) designated a lectotype for Leucopis aphidiperda Rondani, 1848  and Leucopis aphidivora Rondani, 1847  in the MZUB. Alfio Raspi and G. Benelli examined the type material in the MZUF; Raspi (1983, 2003, 2006) designated a lectotype for Leucopis bursaria Rondani, 1848  , Leucopis palumbii Rondani, 1872  and Ochtiphila frontella Rondani, 1875  ; Raspi & Benelli (2016) designated a lectotype for Leucopis armillata Rondani, 1875  , Leucopis ballestrerii Rondani, 1875  , Leucopis misaphida Rondani, 1848  and Leucopis palliditarsis Rondani, 1848  . The type material is distributed between the MZUF (12) and MZUB (two).


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